About Us

Kerloch Oil Tools specialises in premium threading and the repair and manufacture of oilfield country tubular goods (OCTG)

We are capable of processing a wide variety of work from full-length R3 joints and casing tubing to small accessories such as float gear, reamer shoes and crossover subs.

Kerloch Oil Tools' core activities include:

  • Premium tubular repair
  • Casing and tubular accessories
  • Downhole tools and accessories
  • Manufacturing services
  • Machine reface on drill pipe
  • Hangers
  • Reamer shoes
  • Mandrels

Our skilled team of technical personnel have access to a range of top quality machines to allow them to meet tight deadlines efficiently. Kerloch Oil Tools' equipment suite includes engine and hollow spindle lathes, plus dedicated machinery for torquing, swaging, stress relieving, sawing and thread coating (phosphating).

A full copy of our trading terms and conditions is available for download here.